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You’re a rising leader in your organization and need to be ready to take the next step. But are you? You have to invest in yourself first.

Leaders of Today and Tomorrow (LoTT) is a resource and networking portal for frontline managers, focusing on the needs and issues critical to you as an up-and-coming field leader.

GAMA International can help you accelerate your professional growth and stay ahead of the change curve. With new professional development resources, expanded networking opportunities, a broad array of award and recognition options, fresh research and an abundance of national leadership opportunities, LoTT provides the career development resources you need to enhance your competitive edge.

View the LoTT sign up form to take advantage of this awesome program!

Membership FAQs

1. What is my member identification number?

GAMA International assigns each member an ID number, which appears on your GAMA International Journal mailing label above your name and also on your membership card. If you need further assistance finding this number, send an e-mail to

2. How do I update my membership?

Your GAMA International membership is an important resource for your professional development. Help us keep in touch with you by providing us with address, phone, fax or e-mail changes below. Call the Center for Member Services at 1-888-275-0091 to report any updates or contact

3. Where can I find information about upcoming programs and events?

Our section on products and services lists information about the Field Leadership Series workshops, The Essentials of Leadership and Management and other GAMA professional development resources.