Applicants must be non-salaried,

commissioned field leaders who manage people and activities that generate sales (except for the recruiting specialist award). Applicants for the Frontline Leader Award and the International Management Award must base their applications solely on business produced by their unit, agency, or firm while they were in active direction of that unit, agency, or firm.


The minimum requirements for all commission/premium-based awards must be fulfilled by commissions/premiums paid during the 2014 calendar year on the following types of business.

  • Unlimited credit: life insurance, annuities, disability income, pensions, accidental death and dismemberment, long-term care, critical illness, and endowments
  • Limited credit: health insurance, pensions from non-life insurance companies, mutual funds, securities, wrap accounts/asset management accounts, and planning fees
  • Property and casualty insurance

***All applicants must be current with their GAMA International membership dues***


All applications must be accompanied by payment. We cannot match applications with payments submitted separately. If membership dues and application fees have not been paid, award qualifiers will not be certified, listed in the GAMA International Journal, or recognized at LAMP ‘15.

Recruiting Specialist Award – $75 each
Frontline Leader Award – $100 each
International Management Award – $150 each
Master agency Award, Master Firm Award, Master Multiline Award – $300 each