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LAMP has a long history of providing top-notch speakers that introduce first-line and front-line leaders to innovative, relevant and forward-thinking strategies, techniques, and tools to help them build their business in the year ahead. All sessions undergo a rigorous peer-vetting process and each speaker must provide an innovative insight into growth and development, a forward-thinking tactical takeaway or a breakthrough trend or tool for action that has been previously tested.

Monday March 12, 2018

Location: Canal E
Presented by: Hunter Ingram and Brian Harrison
Sponsored by: EverQuote
Session Title: The Online Consumer is the Consumer: Closing Business in the Digital Age

Session Description:

More than 70% of consumers are starting their search for insurance online. In this session, we will discuss how consumer shopping behavior has changed and how tried and true marketing practices (referrals, seminars, in person networking) are becoming less efficient, time consuming and laborious. You’ll learn the best practices to help your agencies and producers to connect with and close consumers in the digital age. We’ll discuss how top producers are migrating their prospecting efforts online and driving significant revenue.


Location: Delta Ballroom C
Presented by:
Christine Chartrand
Sponsored by: AtmanCo
Session Title: Using Natural Talents In Your Selection and Development Process to Increase Sales

Session Description:

Uncover not only the most innovative psychometric assessments, but also a methodology to understand motivational factors, intellectual capacity, personality and key competencies. Make the right choices when it comes to selecting and developing your advisors and managers. We will talk about a concrete case : How we have supported SFL – DFSIN achieve their goals using the AtmanPro platform and approach.

Tuesday March 13, 2018

Location: Canal A
Sponsored by: Leading Advisor
Presented by: Simon Reilly
Session Title:
Becoming A Compassionate, Inspirational Leader & Manager

Session Description:

You are a successful Leader & Manager passionate about mentoring, developing, growing and inspiring successful advisors to create a career of significance becoming the best, passionate version of themselves. While you and advisors know exactly HOW & WHAT to do, you and advisors experience challenges with balance, complacency, delegation, fear, procrastination, qualification, rejection, stress, time and overwhelm, all of which crowd out action, confidence, commitment, consistency, energy, focus, practices, production and vision. You are ready to increase your understanding; success is 10% about HOW & WHAT to do and 90% of success is about WHY you do what you do.

Location: Delta Ballroom C
Sponsored by: Securities Training Corporation
Session Title: Leverage The SIE To Grow Your Business

Session Description:

The Securities Training Corporation (STC) General Securities College Program was introduced in the Fall of 2014 and has changed how companies are approaching recruiting. Over 50 Universities and eight corporate sponsors have installed the program, which has allowed more than 1,000 students to complete their Series 7 Exam training prior to graduating. This program coupled with the impending SIE Exam, will change the way GAMA members recruit and train potential employees. We will discuss how this program, the SIE Exam, and GAMA’s internship program will open new opportunities for companies in the Insurance and Financial Services industries.