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LAMP has a long history of providing top-notch speakers that introduce first-line and front-line leaders to innovative, relevant and forward-thinking strategies, techniques, and tools to help them build their business in the year ahead. All sessions undergo a rigorous peer-vetting process and each speaker must provide an innovative insight into growth and development, a forward-thinking tactical takeaway or a breakthrough trend or tool for action that has been previously tested.


GAMA International has a long history of choosing top-notch speakers to share the main stage at LAMP and LAMP ’18 continues that tradition. This year we are pleased to welcome Renee Mauborgne (co-author of Blue Ocean Strategy), Jocko Willink (retired U.S. Navy Seal), Kindra Hall, Dan Schawbel, Olenka Cullinan, and more! Click below to learn more about the speakers who will grace our main stage!


While our main stage is for high level discussion, our Deep Dive Sessions will get into the nuts and bolts of some of the hottest topics in our industry. Join a number of industry professionals as they share their wisdom, insight, and knowledge on a variety of subjects. Click below to learn more about our Deep Dive Session speakers.


Join a number of engaging speakers as they discuss the current challenges and opportunities facing the financial services industry in 2018. LAMP’s Spotlight Session track is great for attendees who are looking to gather real world insights that they can use to better their firm or organization. Click below to learn more about our Spotlight Session speakers.


New for LAMP ’18, Social Learning Labs will give LAMP attendees an opportunity to learn a new skill with a hands on approach. No lab coat required!


Join several of our resource partners and enjoy complimentary bagels on the house as you learn about the various solutions they can provide your organization. Click below to learn more.